Lite Tournament, 9th May 2021

Lite Tournament 9th May 2021

Play AirBall ‘Lite Tournament’
Rocks Lane Multi Sports Centre 
Chiswick Common Road, Chiswick, London,
W4 1RZ 
9th May 2021, 12 – 2.30pm

On the 9th May 2021, Play AirBall will be running a ‘Lite Tournament’ for Duo’s (two a-side), with a £100 cash prize for the winning team.
There’s no entry fee, however teams may be required to provide detailed feedback of their experience.

To enter, fill out the registration form below.

Play AirBall adheres to strict covid- 19 measures for the safety of it’s participators and staff. Click here for full details


Only one person is required to register on behalf of a team.
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You will receive an email in due course to inform you of the status of your registration application.

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Lite Tournament

Prize: £100

Eligibility: Over 16yrs

Entry fee: None

The Lite Tournament 

  • 2 players in a team. 
  • Teams can be mixed
  • Only 1 (one) member is required to register
  • Team members must be over 16 years

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