About Us

Mission Statement

A concept in the making for over 10 years!

PlayAirball – “It’s not who you are, it’s what you do”

‘What you do is who you are’

Our mission is to deliver a new mixed sport that celebrates the society of today – a sport that’s is in-tune with the changing of the times. Using traditional sports,  football & tennis, PlayAirball is dedicated to deliver a safe non-contact, easy to learn, accessible, enjoyable, exciting and entertaining sport with a keen focus on developing transferable sporting skills Introduce skills that taps into passions of multiple other sports. 

Doing away with single sexed games or the need to have the same number of males and females on either side, PlayAirball does not have barriers of many of the old traditional sports, but reflects and celebrates our modern time, a non gender divide, therefore leaving the focus on talent and ability.

Overall Play AirBall helps to develop talent and confidence with great emphasis on inclusion across gender, race and any other division. Play AirBall uses that special appeal, unique to sport that brings more people together in a fun, appealing and  healthy way!


Our team consists of dedicated people with a keen interest in sport, fitness, social wellbeing. 

The idea Play AirBall, originated from our focus on sharpening our football skills such as reaction time, coordination and communication our football skills in between football seasons. 

Our core is team made up of both male and female professional and semi-pro footballers as well as players from the amateur league.

Our directors cover a wide range expertise and experience from the sporting, entertainment, business and finance world. They have been the forerunners in managing and delivering pioneering ideas that have lead to huge success globally.

Play Airball is the result of our rare group of innovators who share the excitement and vision of a new sport that levels the playing ground; looks beyond gender and difference with the sole focus on talent.