Play Airball Covid Guidance

Play Airball are implementing rigorous infection control measures to ensure our environment remains safe and healthy.  

Due to COVID-19 we have set out current guidance to assist and support our players, staff and spectators and will adhere to the following;

  • Coronavirus (Covid 19): grassroots sports guidance for safe provision including team sport, contact  combat sport and organised sport events. (1st December 2020.  Last updated 6th January 2021. 

Before attending Play Airball :

  • Participants should conduct a self -assessment, ensuring they do not have any COVID symptoms;                                                                                                          
  1. High temperature-: 37.8 or higher
  2. Anew continuous cough
  3. Loss of smell or taste

If you are showing any of these symptoms or feel unwell DO NOT attend Play Airball

  • Please pack an individual water bottle ………….

Travelling to Play Airball

  • When travelling to the venue please ensure to use the appropriate PPE (Personal, protective equipment) such as face coverings, face shields  
  • During your travels please ensure you are following social distancing rules which in England is staying 2m away, you can stay "1m plus" apart (the "plus" means doing something else to limit possible exposure, like wearing a face covering) 
  • Sanitising hands during your journey whenever possible to reduce the number of germs including COVID spreading to others or becoming unwell yourself

On arrival at the venue

  • Each person will have their temperature taken.  Anyone with a high temperature of 37.8 or higher will not be able to participate and will need to return home to book a COVID test
  • Track and Trace procedures will be used to collect names and contact details of all individuals on site.  This is a system for identifying people who have been in close contact with someone who has caught Covid. Those people are then asked to self-isolate for 10 days - even if they have no symptoms - to prevent the chance of passing the virus on if they do have it.
  • Members of the same team may congregate together and place their belongings in the same area.  This will be your ‘bubble’.  ‘Bubbles should social distance themselves from each other remaining 2 m apart
  • Bins will be available for rubbish such as water bottles as well as Catch It, Bin It, Kill It" where you should use the bins for disposing of tissues from coughs or wiping your nose.  
  • As we are promoting an environment which is practicing good hygiene we would ask team members and spectators to keep their hands sanitised or if there are water facilities to wash hands with soap and water

    During the game
  • Pre-match handshakes and point celebrations are not permitted
  • Team talks are allowed within social distancing rules
  • Balls will be used which have been cleaned and sanitised by Play Airball
  • The ball will be sanitised during the break or at the start of every new game
  •  Spectators or team members who are not currently playing should remain in their bubble and if the ball goes out of play, should not attempt to touch the ball with their hands or retrieve the ball
  • Injuries should be treated by team members or those within the same bubble.  If there is a First Aider present, full PPE should be worn 
  • Water bottles should not be shared
  • Spitting is prohibited

After the game

  • Post-match handshakes are not allowed
  • Players must sanitise their hands before leaving the court
  • All equipment must be disinfected after use by one individual only
  • Individuals must disperse promptly after game is finished
  • An individual must report an infection within the household to Play Air ball who will provide more guidance including contacting NHS Track and Trace.