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Play AirBall can help development!

 As a sport, Play AirBall helps young people develop character and to learn important social skills such as problem-solving, resilience, perseverance, confidence and teamwork, ideal for schools and colleges.

Six key Benefits of Play AirBall

Play AirBall for schools and colleges


Play AirBall is simple and fun to play. It promotes unity, ideal for bringing different ages, backgrounds and cultures together.

Play AirBall Coach for schools and colleges

Physical & Mental Health

Great for health and complete sense of social, mental and physical well-being.

Mix Gender Play AirBall coach in schools and colleges

Mixed Gender

It’s a mixed gender sport, played by both boys and girls, promoting equality and mutual respect.

Non Contact

Is a non contact sport. It's a safer than many other sporting activities.

Play AirBall for schools and colleges


Play AirBall can be simplified to accommodate players with less ability, or even younger children. It can be played in an open area or smaller space.

Covid Safe

Socially distancing is a natural part of playing Play AirBall. It is the perfect post Covid-era sport .

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