What is AirBall?

©Play Airball

It’s a game played on a tennis court with a football. AirBall is fun game which can be played by anyone. However ©Play AirBall requires skill agility and coordination.

Many people may already have played a loose similar version of ©PlayAirball, in fact it’s used by many football players as a fun training programme to develop skill and reaction time, however ©Play Airball is a sport in own right, with structure & rules, and once you get to playing its an addictive enjoyable game.



©Play Airball Tournaments

Airball can be played with any number of people, from singles to any number that could fit on a court.

However, the ©Play Airball tournaments focuses on teams, of duo’s (team of 2 people), trio’s (team of 3 people) and quads (team of 4 people).

Play Airball is used by professional players to develop reaction time, control, touch and many other skills
Control 99%
Skill 98%
Communication 95%
Touch 97%