What is AirBall?

Play AirBall is an innovative non contact mixed gender sport that originated in the United Kingdom. It combines elements from football, volleyball, and tennis, resulting in a captivating and distinct experience for both players and spectators.

Play AirBall is played with a football on a tennis court. Usually teams of up to 4 players on each side can participate in this game. Similar to volleyball, players have the freedom to pass the ball to their teammates, but they are not allowed to use their hands. Instead, with limited touches must rely on other body parts such as kicking or heading to keep the ball in the air and prevent it from touching the ground. The game follows a straightforward set of rules, and points are awarded when an opponent fails to return the ball. This adds a strategic and competitive element to PlayAirBall, which is where its distinctive name, “Play AirBall,” originates from.

If you wish to witness Play AirBall in action, there are videos available on YouTube that provide a comprehensive understanding of how the game is played and the skills required to excel at it. PlayAirBall delivers an electrifying and fast-paced encounter that showcases ability and talent.